KAIA comes through: releases brand new remix of their hit song “Dalawa”


Image: @OfficialKAIA / Facebook

This year, KAIA had an astounding start, as they released their debut mini-album “Turn Up” in January. The album included the successful singles “Dalawa” and “BLAH BLAH.” Despite this career milestone, the group remained active in their music production. They offered a sneak peek of their upcoming single “5678” in March, which they subsequently released later that same month. In addition, the group also focused focus on other aspects, such as event appearances, particularly their highly-anticipated participation in the annual PPOPCON in April. Just a few weeks ago, the group hinted at new music through subtle social media icon changes, ultimately confirming the speculations with the official announcement of the remix of their prior single, “Dalawa.”

On August 11, the group released the remixed version of the song, enhancing their hit track with fresh background vocals and subtle lyric alterations. A notable aspect of the remix is the harmonization of all the members’ voices, expanding upon the solos present in the original non-remix version and instead incorporating melodies from each individual. From my perspective, this not only injects more vitality into the song but also underscores KAIA’s collaborative endeavor to reimagine the composition with a more cohesive vocal approach. The song’s essence, however, remains unchanged, as it continues to convey the perspective of an individual who clearly harbors feelings for another person but is uncertain about whether those sentiments are reciprocated.

Following its release, fans swiftly expressed their support and admiration for the remix. A fan, who commented on the group’s YouTube channel, mentioned that they were enjoying the remix’s beat to the extent that they were starting to overlook the rhythm of the original version. Numerous fans also pointed out that this rendition of “Dalawa” had been previously performed during their appearance at PPOPCON, expressing gratitude to the group for sharing their favored iteration of the song.

KAIA never fails to disappoint, especially when they work as a group to deliver such breathtaking vocals. The remix version of Dalawa is out now on major streaming platforms!

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