Here’s everything we know about PPOP GEN’s (sudden) disbandment


In a shocking revelation, Filipino pop group PPOP GEN has announced its disbandment through a heartfelt series of tweets on August 10. The news has left fans reeling with a mix of emotions, ranging from sorrow to nostalgia, as the group bids farewell to the music scene.

PPOP GEN burst onto the scene in 2019 with an ambitious 45-member lineup divided into three teams, aiming to redefine the world of pop music. However, the journey was not without its challenges. The management struggled to strike the right balance between the diverse strengths and talents of its members, leading to a pivotal decision in May 2023 to restructure the group.

The reshuffle saw Ppop Gen transition from a sprawling ensemble to a more intimate group of seven exceptional individuals: Gabh, Sofia, Sarah, Madz, Princess, Char, and Angela. This trimmed-down lineup aimed to capture the essence of youthful exuberance while presenting meticulously synchronized performances. Fans anticipated a fresh start and a renewed energy from the group. By the end of May 2023, Viva Artists Agency announced that Gabh would be leaving the group to focus on a different career path – leaving the group with 6 members.

However, the hopes of fans were shattered as PPOP GEN shared the disheartening news of their disbandment. In their series of tweets, the members conveyed their gratitude to their dedicated fans, whose unwavering support had been a pillar of strength throughout their journey. The group also extended heartfelt thanks to fellow P-pop artists, collaborators, and fans, especially A’TIN, for their unwavering encouragement.

One of the most intriguing moments following the announcement was when Madz, also known as Madeleine, the leader of PPOP GEN, took to her personal X account to express her dismay. In a candid admission, she revealed the personal sacrifices she had made for the group, including putting her education on hold and investing countless hours into her role. Madelaine also shared her struggles with feelings of envy toward artists who enjoyed broader fanbases and better management.


I sacrificed my studies and my time for my family for this!!!! Sobrang unfair ng life bakit ganon— MADZ (@madelainered_) August 10, 2023

In addition, Joy Watford, a user on X, identified as Madz’s aunt, shared her insights on the group’s disbandment. She commended Madelaine Red’s audacious spirit, praising her leadership despite the personal toll. Joy emphasized the importance of holding toxic managers accountable and criticized outdated entertainment practices that stifle the #PPopRise movement.

Viva, the management label of PPOP GEN, has yet to comment on PPOP GEN’s disbandment.

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