YGIG lights up Skydome with spectacular comeback Concert: ‘Green Light Going All the Way’


SBTown’s beloved girl group, YGIG, set the stage on fire with their highly anticipated comeback concert, which took place on August 6 at the Skydome, SM North Edsa. Fans, known as “We Go,” began queuing as early as 2 PM, eagerly awaiting the moment they could enter the venue. When the gates finally opened, the excitement was palpable as YGIG made their triumphant concert.

The evening kicked off with a bang as YGIG treated their fans to a powerful performance of their latest single, ‘BB,’ which was met with cheers from the crowd. The group continued to ignite the stage as they did a dance cover of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s hit single, ‘Money,’ proving their versatility as performers.

One of the highlights of the concert was the showcase of YGIG’s individual talents through three sub-unit performances. JM and Jewel wowed the audience with their impressive rap skills, followed by Maeg and Alexei, who took the stage to display their mesmerizing dance moves. Vien and Hazelyn then showcased their vocal prowess with a stunning rendition of ‘Daldahin’ by the Philippines’ iconic songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

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Throughout the night, the audience was treated to a continuous stream of mesmerizing performances. YGIG demonstrated their range by delivering a heartfelt rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted,’ which they dedicated to their devoted We Go fanbase. Ken San Jose, a special guest, captivated the crowd with his single ‘Tago’ and serenaded them with his vocals.

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PLUUS, YGIG’s brother group, took the stage with a set of songs, including their hit singles ‘Missing You,’ ‘My Time,’ and ‘Amigo.’

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Moreover, the night held a surprise for the fans when Darlene Vibares, a former YGIG member, graced the stage with an enthralling performance. Darlene revealed her upcoming solo debut under the same company, SBTown, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her solo endeavors.

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YGIG delighted their fans by performing ‘Doob Doob’ in adorable white dresses, rekindling the love and admiration of their supporters. Another unexpected treat came when the girls performed ‘Touchdown’ and ‘Amakabogera’ by Maymay Entrata with the accompaniment of a live band.

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The climax of the evening came as YGIG delivered a show-stopping performance, starting with their debut single ‘Shaba Shaba’ and moving through their discography to their latest track, ‘IDKY.’ They ended the night on an intimate note with We Go fans who had availed the VIP package, allowing for close interaction on stage as part of the ticket benefits.

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