Campus Pop Tour: Empowering Filipino students through the power of Philippine pop


The Philippines, known for its rich musical heritage, has always been a breeding ground for emerging artists in the music industry. Recognizing the potential and vibrant pop culture in the country, the Campus Pop Tour is set to take the nation’s campuses by storm. Highlighted by the press launch of the P-pop Kings, SB19, together with Yara and Ver5us last September 27, 2023 at the SM Skydome.

The Campus Pop tour will be highlighted by performances of these artists in your schoolyards; YARA, Ver5us, Ace Banzuelo, Alex Bruce, Syd Hartha, and Young Cocoa! With a mission to inspire and ignite the creative spirits of Filipino students. This musical tour promises to be a game-changer with the advent of academic entertainment.

Showing off Creative talents:

At the heart of the Campus Pop Tour lies a profound commitment to celebrating and nurturing talent. The tour aims to provide a platform for aspiring artists and undiscovered talents to shine, helping them break through the barriers and share their music with a broader audience. This initiative is not just about witnessing performances, but also creating an environment that encourages students to explore their maximum potential.

The Campus Pop PH tour will also exhibit on hand lectures and demos to select students to be conducted by the Featured artists on the tour. They will showcase the musical technique, the discipline, the technical requirements, and lastly, the commitment to achieve every student’s aspirations to be one day performing onstage and participating as one of the backbones behind every Entertainment scene.

The tour with Dunkin’

As the Campus Pop Tour prepares to sweep across the Philippines, it promises not just a series of musical performances throughout the country – with its kick-off show in Manila, then Bulacan, Batangas, Baguio, Cebu, Legazpi, and Cagayan de Oro. It’s a call to action for students to embrace their talents, break free from limitations, break away from the digital platform set every student’s sights on music and physical attributes, and join a nationwide celebration of music, culture, and the indomitable spirit of Filipino youth.

With a promise to keep the students focused and equipped with music, Dunkin’ – Our Pasalubong ng Bayan – partnered with different schools nationwide for the students to experience pop music at no expense. It’s like bringing concerts right at the heart of their city and campus, without having to steer away from their studies.

“Live concerts have been so active and visible nowadays. Though exciting, most of it becomes so costly, especially for the students. The Brand understands that we have to share in bringing the experience to students by not shelling out. The best part is, you just have to go to school to have fun.” – Ms. Carla Silva, Dunkin’ Marketing & Sales Manager

So here we go, classmates. Wait for the announcements for the schools and schedules. Walang a-absent!

Check out more photos here: Campus Pop Tour Press Conference | September 27, 2023

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