SB19 caps off half a decade celebration with ‘One Zone’ fanmeet: A night of games, surprises, and heartfelt moments at the Big Dome


To conclude their month-long festivity, SB19 capped it off with ONE ZONE: Half a Decade Celebration at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on October 28.

The quintet, composed of Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin, made their debut on October 26, 2018, with a tear-jerking ballad titled “Tilaluha.” Going back, it took them almost another year to gain attention, with their ‘Go Up’ dance practice going viral on social media. Since then, they slowly rose to fame, not until the COVID-19 pandemic struck and paused everything. It was a rough time, but SB19 didn’t let this deter them from their dreams. They pushed on, hurdle after hurdle, and now, in their 5th year, they remain the same dream-woven five men beloved to A’TIN.

Starting their “birth month,” SB19 announced via livestream that they are now self-managed artists of their own company, 1Z Entertainment, officially introducing it and ending speculations among fans. Alongside its launch, a scheduler was also posted, exciting A’TIN to the core. It contained “Atin Atin Lang,” a 5-episode podcast by the members where they talked about their experiences and plans, a fan-favorite content, and the comeback of “Show Break 5,” the One Zone Experience reliving the past 5 years of SB19, which ran a week prior to the cherry-on-top – One Zone: SB19 Half A Decade Celebration Fanmeet.

A not-so-mini game commenced an hour before the event’s official start. More than twenty lucky fans who won the games were in for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play with SB19. As the lights went out, with only a timer on the big screens, A’TIN filled the Big Dome with cheers. The time ran out, and behold, SB19 matched the fans’ excitement and energy with a powerful 17-minute production. Additional fans were picked from the audience to join the games for the night.

After a series of fun-filled games (and a bit of envy from the audience), Mae from Cavite was the last woman standing. What is a game without a grandiose prize, right? It’s just a dinner with SB19 after the fanmeet, anyway. To decide her fate, she was tested by the members through ‘Gento O Bento,’ a game with a rule similar to the famous ‘Pera O Bayong.’ It’s a game of trusting your instinct vs. enticing baits offered. In the end, she won that well-deserved dinner for trusting herself (and Josh).

The night wasn’t over yet when the boys went out in a more laid-back fit and performed a series of cheerful songs while interacting with fans – signing fan paraphernalia, taking pictures, and giving out shirts and signed stress balls. Bubbles filled the stage with three huge gym balls that were passed to the audience on the floor to play with.

Surprise after surprise, the ‘Freedom’ music video was first revealed to the crowd. Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin shared their final and heartfelt messages with everyone. It was such a touching moment that only those who know how the past five years went can feel. We have been so busy living our lives that enjoyment has become a luxury at times. Thanks to this fanmeet and SB19, we are all reminded to live in the moment and revel in the good energy surrounding us.

Happy anniversary, mahalima & A’TIN!

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