SBTown unveils its first-ever P-pop girl group, YGIG

Show Biz Town (SBTown), a newly established talent management company in the Philippines, unveils its first ever P-pop girl group YGIG, Thursday, November 24, through a media conference at 55 Events Place in Quezon City.

Darlene, Jewel, JM, Maeg, Vien, Alexei, and Haze faced the press and were introduced as the official members of YGIG. The president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SBTown, Geong Seong Han, popularly known as Tatang Robin, who produced the biggest P-pop group SB19 was also present in the event, together with Adie Hong and Universal Records Philippines’ managing director Kathleen Dy-Go.

YGIG, which stands for “You Go, I Go,” reflects the group’s teamwork towards paving the way to the global stage for Filipina girl groups. Together as a group, YGIG aims to establish their name in the local scene and step into the international scene representing the Filipino culture and music.

The members of YGIG went on extensive training under SBTalent Camp, under the supervision of Adie Hong. After a couple of years of training and rehearsals, SBTown is now ready to showcase the talents of its artists. One of the major goals of the group is to establish a strong connection to their audience that will build a solid foundation of their fan base.

The seven-member group YGIG is set to debut on November 25 with the song ‘Shaba Shaba’ which is expected to garner audiences through its catchy and upbeat vibe that will surely be a hit among all ages. Shaba Shaba is a word play of the Tagalog phrase, “Siya ba?”.

SHABA SHABA is a song that expresses the charm of YGIG as the ultimate girl-crush, with its authentic hip-hop rhythm and addictive melody. The term SHABA SHABA turns into a term being used to cast a love spell in this song’s concept. The witty lyrics were written by the members themselves. Along with their sing and dance training, YGIG’s creativity is also being continuously enhanced in the process by conceptualizing and writing their own lyrics. We will be seeing more of this PPOP girl group’s talents in the near future through SBTown and Universal Records.

Check out the profile photos of YGIG here:

YGIG’s Darlene

YGIG’s Jewel



YGIG’s Vien

YGIG’s Alexei

YGIG’s Haze

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