“ANO NA SHOWBT” trends as fans call out ShowBT Philippines for alleged mistreatment of its artists


Z2Z members posed for a photo with KAIA during the first anniversary fanmeet of the girl group on April 29, 2023. (Image: @Z2ZOfficial / Twitter)

Fans have launched a social media protest against management label ShowBT Philippines for allegedly mistreating its artists.

This comes after some ShowBT artists shared their frustrations on social media, with the girls of KAIA sharing several messages on their Instagram broadcast channels and Z2Z members appealing for help on Twitter.

In a series of messages shared on June 13, KAIA’s Sophia managed to acknowledge the support of their fans in spite of the “rough time” they are going through.

“Gusto ko lang po sabihin thank you sa support niyo always. (I just want to thank you for your support, always.) It’s a rough time pero ilalaban namin for you all. (It’s a rough time but we will fight for you all.) We love you, ZAIA 🫶”

“Pabayaan man tayo, we gon stick together (Even if they neglect us, we are gonna stick together),” she continued.

KAIA’s Charice followed with some words of encouragement for her fellow members.

“I love you KAIA. Angela, the best leader. Alexa, the baddest outside pero (but) softie inside. Soph, my talented sweet girl. Charlotte, our bravest bunso (youngest member). We got this.”

“Hays (sigh), this is too much. Hopeless case na ‘to tbh (This has become a hopeless case, to be honest),” KAIA’s Charlotte hinted.

Previously, Z2Z’s SOYA also aired his disappointment with a Tweet shared on June 12.

“Mukang pinabayaan na kami ah.. (It looks like we’ve been abondoned..),”he said.

His co-member J.O followed with a Twitter statement saying, “Parang lahat na kami sumisigaw ng tulong… (It seems like all of us are already appealing for help…)”

The tagline “ANO NA SHOWBT” and “#AnoNaSBT” instantly made it to the top of the Twitter Philippines trending topics on Wednesday, June 14, after some fans started to call out ShowBT Philippines, following several hints of possible mismanagement from its artists.

One fan commented on Twitter, “I stand with KAIA, Mona, and Z2Z as they don’t deserve this kind of treatment.”

“I hope they get out of that company already because I know that they will do it all over again if given another chance,” another one wrote.

KAIA’s Sophia seemed to have noticed the social media protest of the fans as she quickly shared a follow-up message on her Instagram broadcast channel.

“Grabe trending tayo lagi ‘no sa lahat ng releases, events, etc. (Wow, we always trend [on Twitter] in all of our releases, events, etc.) But by far, this one’s the best,” she wrote.

ShowBT Philippines has yet to address the issue raised by the fans.

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